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Add:East Lake New Technology Development Zone,Building No. 1, Kaidi

Address: Kaid Building, Special No.1, Jiangxia Road, Donghu New Economic and Technological Development Zone, Wuhan City
Phone:027-67869001 | 002 | 003 | 004 | 270
Fax:027-67869010 | 67869018

Ridding way:

1. Ride No.903 bus from Wuchang Railway Station to Miaoshan Management Committee.

2. Ride bus No. 915 or 902 or 903 from Guanggu Plaza Subway Station to Miaoshan Management Committee.

3. Take the subway from Hankou Railway Station to Guanggu Plaza Subway Station, change to bus No. 915, 902, or 903 to Miaoshan Management Committee.