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  Training concept: 

Kaidi Company believes that staffs shall grow up at work. Kaidi Company has designed training and development plan to provide opportunities for staffs to promote existing skills, to make staffs work more effectively, and to supply opportunities to staffs for gaining new knowledge and developing in organization.

The company devotes to building training system with Kaidi characteristic and strives to build a domestic first-rate talent team with absolute advantages in the clean energy field, so as to form a good environment for mutual development of staffs and enterprise.


  Two cores:

     Ø Enterprise’s strategic requirements

     Ø Staffs’ requirements on development of professional career

  Three layers:

     Ø System layer: management system guarantee

     Ø Resource layer: demand element

     Ø Operation layer: flow and responsibility

  Four key points:

     Ø Analyze training demands

     Ø Formulate training plan

     Ø Organize and implement training

     Ø Evaluate training effects