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Kaidi insists in the principle of safe development! It puts personal safety in the first under any conditions, highly paying attention to staffs’ personal safety and occupational health, and “safety” is priority to all. We insist in refining management with high standard and strict requirements. We build and perfect safety management system and standard of new energy industry continuously, continue to promote concept innovation, institutional innovation, and method innovation of safety production and management, and strengthen staffs’ safety self-awareness and consciousness of responsibility continuously.

Build the concept of “safety is more important than everything”.

Complete “concern safety for everyday and everything”

Realize “safety production, civilized production, and harmonious production”


Company leadership attaches great importance to production safety work


Safety inspection mobilization


Operating personnel carefully monitored disk


 Staff fire drill

 Plant Safety Month activities start huoqiu

 Laifeng plant signed letters of responsibility for production safety