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In the process of devoting to enterprise development, Kaidi treats talent team construction as core strategy, insisting in the concept of “people first, pursue excellence, and harmonious coexistence”. Kaidi advocates sunshine mentality and happy work. We create good work, life, and learning environment for staffs, build platform for development and growth, encourage staffs to make progress, and make great efforts to realize their own life value, so as to form one-mind and harmonious new labor relationship. We care for, respect, and show consideration for staffs from details, organizing diversified team activities, handling concrete and good affairs for staffs, solving difficulties of staffs met at work and in life, and creating first-rate working and living environment for staffs. We have built a united and enthusiastic excellent team which can advance and retreat, as well as sharing honors or disgraces together with the enterprise, so as to seek development cooperatively.


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