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Add:East Lake New Technology Development Zone,Building No. 1, Kaidi

Since establishment, Kaidi Electric Power has achieved significant development in water treatment, atmospheric pollution and treatment, and energy-saving and cost-reducing industry. Depending on powerful technical power of Kaidi, it has become the most competitive enterprise with leading market performances.

Kaidi Electric Power has kept on moving from energy-saving and environmental-protection field, focusing on biological energy source field. It has entered into the commanding height of technology in biomass power generation and non-grain biomass-to-liquid field. Biological energy technology of Kaidi Electric Power will drive harmonious development of agriculture, industry, and environment continuously.

Kaidi Electric Power will output mature biological energy source business model and drive developing countries into green industrial road, so as to protect unique earth home of mankind. The company takes an active part in developing overseas projects, boosting “internationalization of talent, capital, technology, market, industry, and management” of biological energy source industry, and lead the development of world biological energy source industry.


Chairman Xi Jinping investigated Kaidi non-grain biomass fuel oil display area in 2013


Chairman Hu Jintao investigated significant scientific and technical innovation achievements of Kaidi in 2011


Environmental-protection and low-carbon biomass power plan


Rational utilization of straw


Successful development of Kaidi non-grain biomass oil refining technology


 Li Linzhi, Chairman of Kaidi Electric Power, investigated non-grain biomass oil refining project in the North Sea.